Double flange wheels

Diameter (mm): 125/160/200/250/320/400 Maximum admissible static loadings (kg): 1000-16300

Single flange wheels

Diameter (mm): 125/160/200/250 Maximum admissible static loadings (kg):up to 10,000

Double rail crane crabs

Load capacity (kg): 2000-20 000 Traveling speed (m / min): up to ≤ 32

Monorail crane crabs

Load capacity (kg): 500-10 000 Traveling speed (m / min): ≤ 32 Turning radius (m): 1.5-3.5

Over load limiter

Electromechanical type   Nominal load (kg): 500/1000/1600/2500/4000/5000/6300   Maximum aberrance: ± 5%

Gear motor

The crane is set in motion by means of geared motors mounted on the block travel wheels. The cranes are equipped with squirrel-cage motors with cylindrical rotor and disc brake. The crane travelling speed is 20/6 m/min. Cranes with speeds different from the above are offered at customers request.

Block travel wheels

The steel block travel wheels with flanges guarantee minimum resistance during travelling and long life of the crane travelling rails. The block travel wheels and the end carriages are with welded connection. This connection ensures easy and fast assembly and disassembly of the block travel wheels.   The block travel wheels are fitted for rails with head width from 40mm up to 70mm. The buffers mounted on the block travel wheels are made of metal and rubber, having high energy shock absorption capacity.   Diameter (mm): 125/160/200/250/320/400   Maximum admissible static loadings (kg): 1000-16300

End carriages

The end carriages with box-shaped section are made for mounting the block travel wheels on them. Their original construction is a guarantee for a high stage of unification.